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How To Choose A Lacrosse Stick

Before setting out on the field, each lacrosse player needs to acquire a set of different gear, including a lacrosse stick. While most of the equipment in lacrosse is for safety purposes, the lacrosse is the only gear that directly affects your performance as a player. If you play any sport, you should know just how vital it is to turn up at the field with the right kit. However, purchasing a new complete lacrosse stick can be tough. Many variables like gender and size will play into your decision. Not to worry, today you will learn what to watch out for when making that buying decision. 


The preference for your lacrosse stick depends on the team position you play. Each member of the team from the goalie, defenders, and attackers have lacrosse sticks specifically designed for their needs. A key element to keep in mind, with regards to the position is length and width of the stick. A goalie needs a lacrosse head for making saves and a long pole. Defense sticks are required to have a stronger head and longer shafts for checks and pokes. For goal scorers, the sticks should be lighter, short and with a good grip to enable accuracy, quick passing and shot power. Make sure your lacrosse head design, suits your position.


Although young boys and girls can both use youth lacrosse sticks as their first stick, men's sticks will differ from girls lacrosse sticks. This means you will need to buy specific sticks based on their gender. Gender-specific lacrosse sticks possess an advantage to their respective genders since they guarantee the right length and weight for the best game play.

The Shaft

Choosing the right type of lacrosse stick shaft depends on the criteria of material, shape, and grip. Pick a rod made up of composite materials since they are more lightweight and are an excellent option for attack players. In dealing with shape, there are three to choose from: octagon, soft octagon and concave. The decision on shape is a matter of personal preference. However, soft octagon shapes provide the best experience for players. The grip is another critical variable. A grip with a textured handheld and a smooth finish will provide a comfortable handling experience.

The Lacrosse Stick Head

The choice of one’s stick head is another crucial factor as there could be regulations that need to be followed. Three types of stick heads are under use. A NCCA Head is legal under NCCA rules only while a NFHS head is legal for high school and youth lacrosse. If you do not know what type to use, a Universal head will come in handy. A Universal head is legal for play at all levels of lacrosse as it meets both the NCAA and NFHS measurements.

Stick pocket types

Typically, lacrosse sticks either come with a woven or mesh pocket. Woven pockets are regarded as the more traditional type as they are adjustable and looser, allowing the player more depth for ball control. A mesh pocket is more common especially among goalies as it is stiffer and reduces rebounds

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