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Choosing The Best Lacrosse Helmet

Your lacrosse helmet is the only gear standing between you and that career-ending injury, so choosing the best is the only option. Whatever the brand you pick, you need to get the purchase right. Your life depends on it. But choosing the best is never an easy task, and considering the numerous brands, you may end up lost. So, before you splash your cash on a lax helmet, here is a guide on factors you need to consider when making that purchasing decision. 


Comfort is the most important factor and with different head shapes getting the right fit will go a long way towards keeping your heads safe. Before buying a lacrosse helmet, try it on first A helmet that fits should be firm, uniform and tightened. A helmet that is too high or large will expose your neck to potential injury while a tight helmet may end up causing headaches. Read your helmet's manual on how to adjust using the chin straps. The second bar syndrome helps spot a helmet that does not fit. If you have to look up to see straight, then your helmet is flat in your head, and you will not be able to see well.

Quality and Safety

For you to run with the best, it's important for you to wear a high-quality and safe lacrosse helmet. Your head is, most at risk when playing. Stick to the best brand models such as STX, Brine, Cascade, and Warrior. The National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) task is to ensure the gold standard for the helmets are met without compromise. The institution is mandated to assess the helmets’ resistance to smash. Do not attempt to purchase a helmet without a NOCSAE logo on it.


Culture has played a prominent role in the customization of lacrosse helmets. More teams and players are sporting fresh color schemes on their helmets. Although high school regulations only allow color uniformity, tournament play allows any lacrosse helmet any color scheme your heart desires. However, you should check the competition rules for restrictions on the amount of customization you can bring. The decals wraps, custom face masks, and matte finishes are elements you can add to give you a look you desire. Remember the options you pick should determine the look you want to represent.


If you want to go an extra-mile on your safety, then accessories are the choice for you. Throat guards attached to the helmet’s bottom protect your neck and throat while attached mouth guards ensure your mouth area remain free of injury. An adjustable chin strap allows ways for you to adjust your helmet size to fit your head and avoid falling off.


Lacrosse helmets are made up of four material varieties. Plastic, chrome, steel, and titanium make up the different elements for lacrosse helmets. Titanium offers the helmet a high strength to weight ratio, and the helmet feels lighter, unlike chrome, plastic or steel. Chrome also feels light and is durable but not as much as titanium. Steel provides heat-resistant features for playing in hot weather conditions.

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