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A Cost Comparison Between Online And Manual Sports Registration

There are certain costs that you will have to incur whether you decide to go with an online sports registration system or a manual one. Deciding on the best system to choose will be influenced by various factors but cost will be a defining factor. Here are some of the common costs associated with having each form of registration. 

Manual registration

A manual registration system requires applicants to mail or even fax in their registration forms. This form of registration will thus encompass various costs that are required to set up and run the manual system. 

Communications costs

There is a lot of faxing and phone calls involved in a manual registration system. You have to receive forms, fax other forms and even address any inquiries that people may have. These charges are even higher if you are making calls and receiving faxes from an international customer base. 

Labor costs

A manual registration system requires a lot of staff to handle all the processes involved. Someone has to attend to all the inquiries and respond to the feedback/ similarly, employees are also needed to help with faxing the documents and printing all the necessary materials. Data entry is also an integral part of the manual registration system. The data from these registration forms need to be entered into a database for easier analysis. However, there will be thousands of registration forms which require a larger workforce. Choosing to employ all these people will mean that you pay their salaries, pay to manage them and for the office space required to accommodate all of them. 

Mailing and printing costs

Sports league that use manual registration will need to print the numerous registration forms and informational documents. These registration forms are then mailed to potential clients. A large sports league means that the league will realize some unreasonable costs of printing. Posting these printed forms through the mail will also increase your cost especially if you have an international customer base.  

Online registration

This system of registration can easily be done by an external company specializing in such services or can be done by the sports team or league itself. Although the process is highly automated, there are other costs involved. It is worth noting that registration cannot be entirely online as some people may prefer using the traditional methods. 

Set up fees

It will cost you a significant amount of money to set up and operate an online system of registration. Setting up a website or a registration portal to collect information on your behalf may cost you a lot but this will also depend on the vendor that you choose. The fee that you pay will vary in accordance with the features of your site. For example, added security, online payment buttons and a log-in portal for people will raise your costs significantly. 

Payment processing fees

Your online payment vendor will also require a small commission on every transaction for providing the online payment services. Check with your vendor to determine the fees they charge and how you can negotiate for a fee reduction. 

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