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5 Things You Should Know About College Sports Scholarships

Everyone dreams of a sports scholarship especially if they were good at some sport in high school. Many parents, for example, hope their children will win a full sports scholarship someday. However, there is so much misinformation regarding such athletic scholarships that circulates among parents, teachers and even players. This is a compilation of five things you should know and consider when applying for a sports scholarship. 

1. Sports scholarships are not guaranteed

Although many people have no idea about this fact, it is worth noting that sports scholarships are not guaranteed. If your child or student gets an athletic scholarship then you should not assume that the scholarship will last for four years. All or most scholarships are renewed after an academic year and the coach is left with the discretion over whether to pull the scholarship or to continue with it. The need to retain an athletic scholarship can easily make the best students digress from their primary goal which is to attain an academic degree. 

2. Your odds are greatly remote

The number of scholarships available for students seeking to enter division 1 and 2 sports is quite minimal. For example, there are about 138,000 scholarships for both the first and second divisions. Although this might sound like a lot, it is actually minimal when compared to the number of applicants. More than one million students play football in high school but there are only about 20,000 scholarships for this college sport. 

3. Most only fund tuition partially

Most of the athletic sponsorships are funded partially as the average sports scholarship will amount to about $10,400. There are only about four sports that are likely to offer a full scholarship program to athletes. These include football, women’s volleyball and basketball for both men and women. If these sports are excluded, the average scholarship amounts to about $8,700. 

4. Most coaches will slice scholarships

The NCAA regulates the number of scholarships that can be dished out by teams in both division I and II. Coaches in these divisions can split up these awards to ensure they get the maximum benefits. For example, the NCAA allows Division I coaches to have a maximum amount of 10 scholarships. These coaches will, however, split the amount of cash that they receive for the scholarship and award it to different individuals. Although the NCAA as the regulatory body proposes that coaches should issues scholarships amounting to a certain sum, the coaches can dish out more scholarships by slicing the value of each scholarship. 

5. Use YouTube to increase your chances

Arguably one of the best ways to get the attention of potential coaches. Players should make a compilation of about eight minutes of their best plays in an action video. College coaches will not know about you or your child unless they are extremely talented or well known. Create YouTube videos and send the link to coaches. Many people prefer to send CD’s to these coaches but this can easily end up piling on a coaches desk. 

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