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How To Find The Best Sport

Choosing the perfect sport is a difficult decision that may impact your whole life. Sports generally require a lot of input from an individual while also presenting numerous risks and benefits to an individual. Your body type can be a large factor in deciding the sport you choose. For some, the decision will largely rest in their preferences. You might be interested in a low impact game or you might choose to go with the physically demanding opportunity. Here are some of the sports you can choose from and the features of the game. 

Undoubtedly one of the easiest and simplest games to organize. It will eliminate boredom as you just need a ball plus a park with a hoop and you are good to go. Dribbling and passes in basketball can enhance your hand –eye coordination. Basketball is also a relatively safer sport when compared to the likes of football or hockey. However, you can easily injure your legs if you fall on your foot or if someone lands on your legs. The best way to guard yourself against injury when playing basketball is to ensure you stretch your hamstrings properly. It is also advisable to perfect your landing skills as they will save you a lot of pain from injuries. 



This is quite a popular sport that can be played literally anywhere with a small field. There are numerous benefits of playing the sport. Balance and foot dexterity are some physical benefits that you get from soccer. You will be required to juggle, pass and even shoot the ball. The constant running increases your endurance levels while also enhancing your cardiovascular health. The risks mainly include sprains, ankle twists and shin splints. Heading the ball is also risky as it has been linked to concussions. 


All team sports will teach you one fundamental thing in life; that you can’t win alone. The intensity of the training sessions and the duration required will not only improve your fitness but will also help you get time-management skills. Football is also an intense sport that will teach you how to work hard. However, concussions and the inflicting of deep bruises are rather common in the sport. There have also been some rare occasions of spinal injury and broken bones. One way to become safer in the sport is to buy good equipment such as helmets and add some extra pads for protection. 



A favorite sport for many people with a small body built. If you are unable to play soccer due to your body size then this might be the best sport. Many people believe that lacrosse is an unsafe sport because of how fast the ball is flung. However, this might be one of the safest sports around despite how risky it looks. Sports like hockey, rugby, and even soccer are collision sports but lacrosse is more of a contact sport. This means that you are not knocking anyone down but you can easily bump into them while playing. Ensure you use good equipment to minimize injury.  

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