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How To Get A Sports Scholarship

Sports scholarships are offered by college sports coaches based on the needs of their programs and the number of students required. Although having excellent sports skills will improve your chances of getting a scholarship exponentially, knowing the details involved with sports scholarships will also be beneficial. Here are some tips to boost your odds of getting a sports scholarship.

1. Pursue the scholarship actively

College coaches are not likely to know you exist unless you are a superstar. One way to navigate your way through this issue is to contact them and don’t wait to be discovered. Waiting to be discovered will hurt your chances of getting the scholarship. The NCAA specifically prohibits college coaches from reaching out to high school students before a specific time in their junior year. 

2. Read the NCAA and NAIA regulations

It is prudent to know all the rules and regulations that apply to you. These rules will largely differ to everyone depending on their year in high school and you should strive to know the rules that apply to you. They will define two important issues i.e. how the college coaches can reach out to you and how you can contact them. 

3. Create a list of potential schools

You have obviously been eyeing a specific school where you want to learn while playing for their sports team. Maybe they have good opportunities for the students who enroll in their sports or the school has an excellent academic program for its students. Whichever reason you have, it is beneficial to create a list of schools which you desire to attend. There are some things you should keep in mind when choosing the type of school that you wish to attend. These include your level of academic progress, school preferences and even your talent in the sport. 

4. Understand the academic requirements for eligibility

In most cases, students who want to get a sports scholarship are required to register and get cleared with the NAIA and NCAA eligibility centers. Aside from this, it is also important to research the core courses that your scholarship requires and the subsequent grades you must achieve. The next step would involve rearranging your academic schedule according to the courses required.  

5. Contact the coaches at the right time

If you would wish to play for a division one club then it is necessary to send an introductory email to your preferred college coach after your sophomore year. Be sure to include sufficient personal information in the letter. This can include your name, sports position, awards, sports statistics and the name of your high school. 

6. Post a video showing your prowess in the sport

A professional video will go a great deal to showing your prowess in the sport that you are actually playing. Remember that these coaches get a lot of applications from players like you and one of the only ways to distinguish yourself is by showing your skills. It is not necessary to hire someone to produce the video as this can be easily done by a camcorder and an editing app. 

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