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Type Of Positions In A Girls’ Lacrosse Team

One significant difference between men’s and women’s lacrosse is the number of players on the field. While men have only ten players, a women's team is made up of twelve players. Where do these extra players come in? A further look into the teams also reveals the formation and arrangement of men and women differs. Different positions exist in women’s teams and are not present in the men’s game. Let us have a look at the positions in the ladies’ game and the responsibilities that go along with them.

First home

As the most offensive position on the field, a first home player primary duty is to score goals or provide chances to teammates in a position to score. A quick and excellent ball handler would fit perfectly into the first home position.

Second home

After the third home player creates a chance through an offensive pass, the second home player has to ensure the offense runs smoothly and reaches the first home player. She acts like a link between the first home player and the rest of the team.

Third home

A critical position for the offensive part is the third home player. For you to be efficient in this post, you have to be an excellent passer to feed the ball to the second and first home players. In short, the third home player responsibility is to create chances and openings for the rest of the team.

Left and right attack wings

Another running role is the attack wings. As an attack wing, you will cover vast territory within the field. The players’ primary task is to build the offensive play by feeding the ball to the first, second and third home players. At times, attack wings are required to cover defensively for the defensive arms.


For an all-around player who wants to participate in the offense and defense, the center player position is an excellent arrangement. The position requires an active player as you are in charge of the midfield, feeding the ball forward, retreating to defend, disrupting and intercepting opponents’ play.

Left and right defensive wings

If you are a good runner, then this position suits you. As a defensive side, you are to watch out for attacks coming from the opponent’s right and left attack wings. In other situations, the defensive wins can increase offensive pressure on their opponents if they move forward.

Third player

Another midfield player who is responsible for covering the opposition’s third home. The ability to read a counter attack and intercept opposition passes are some of the essential attributes that a third player should possess.

Cover point

A cover point player main task is to cover the second home of the opposition. Furthermore, the player has a duty to intercepting opposition passes while clearing balls and driving forward with attacking passes.


The most defensive-oriented position after the goalkeeper is the point position. The point player is like the goalie’s best friend as he works in close collaboration and communicating with him the opponents’ moves. For you to be a good point player, communication is essential. You contact the rest of your teammates and orchestrating them on where they need to be on the counter-attack.


It is widely known that in any sport the work of the goalkeeper is to keep the ball out of the net. The qualities of any lacrosse goalie are quick reaction and courage. For you to be willing to go after loose balls around the crease area and useful, these two attributes are essential. 

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