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Selecting The Right Lawn Tennis Rackets

Whatever your reason to purchase a new racket whether seeking more power, more comfort or control choosing can be an intimidating task. Picking the right tennis racket may go a long way in improving your game play and all factors that go into a racket end up affecting how you play. To make this process a little easier, let us have a look at the clues that guide us when making that purchase decision.

String pattern

With the right string pattern, the right amount of tension for playing will be exerted. There are two types of strings in lawn tennis racket strings: the open string and closed string pattern. With an open string, there are less intersecting cross strings, and this gives more spin and power to the player when hitting the ball since open strings are more elastic. However, an open string is less durable and frequently snaps. A close string pattern although durable it has less power or spin for the player. Open string pattern is the better option between the two.


Your hand size will be a critical factor when choosing a group level. It is essential to find the right grip size that you can hold, swing and play with it comfortably. A series of tests such as the index finger test or ruler test can be done to determine the exact grip size that suits you. In most tennis rackets, the grip size is rated from 0 to 5 and is usually indicated on the butt or frame throat of the racket head. Men opt for grip sizes 3 or 4 while women prefer 2 or 3. A grip size of 1 or 2 is advised for junior players.

Frame stiffness

You may wonder why frame stiffness is necessary. Well, with a stiffer racket maximum power can be transferred to the ball without bending or breaking the frame. However, more rigid frames are not advisable as they are known to cause shoulder, wrist and arm injuries since they cause strain. A flexible racket, on the other hand, provides more spin and less pressure but will result in more energy loss for the player.

Head size

Careful consideration should be taken when choosing the head size as it directly affects the power of the racket. The head size is the size of the racket face, made up of the frame and strings. The larger the head size, the greater the hitting area, larger sweet spot, and more power are generated. Today’s rackets range from 85 to 135 inches. The field splits into mid size, mid plus, oversize and super oversize. However, professional prefer mid-sized tennis rackets of 80-95 inches for greater power, skill, and precision.

Racket length

The average length for most rackets is 27-29 inches long. With a longer racket, you will be able to reach on groundstrokes, have more overall power and leverage when it comes to serves. Another advantage of the most longer racket is that they are lighter than the standard rackets for them to be easy to maneuver and with an increase in length, the dynamic swing weight also increases.

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